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While not snatching any of the prizes, we gained awesome friends and contacts during our visit in Bilbao, and spread the word of Futuregames. Congratulations to all the winners!

Alhóndiga had arranged a great event, with a cool exhibition, competitions and lectures. I’ve arranged an album available over here someplace, with some fitting pictures of the trip.

The plan was to save as much money as possible, so we took the flight from Skavsta to Madrid, and a bus later on to Bilbao, meaning we’re aleady incredibly sleep deprived. Arriving to Bilbao, we didn’t find any non-scary hostel until 3 hours later. After crashing for a few hours, we figured it’d be fun to check out Alhóndiga, where the presentations and awards ceremony was going to be held the next day. Once there, we met Paolo whom we’d been acquainted with a few weeks earlier at No More Sweden 2011 which was held at our school! Paolo informed us that the presentations were held this day and not the next, in just an hour in fact, so it was a good idea we decided to check the place out 😉

After the presentations, Shailesh joined our gang of non-spanish speakers. We also met the awesome Marc and Cinta who joined in on cool discussions during the party. The following day, we went to check out Guggenheim which we unfortunately had to just speed through cause we were as usual in a hurry someplace. This time to buy tickets back home, as well as getting to the awards ceremony. Interestingly enough two of the winning games were made by people we got a great connection with! Congrats to Shailesh winning with It’s just a thought, Marc and Cinta with Sr.Mistu! We celebrated/drowned our sorrows, shared some philosophies around games with Lara (who really should start writing her blog in english!), and met Eneko shortly before we had to take another painstaking walk->bus->flight->bus trip, this time back to the foggy cold north.

Keepin' it real

Chillin' at the bus station before our trip home

Without feeling particularly defeated at all, we are looking forward to what the future has in store for us, both as individuals and as a team. Hóplay 2011 in Bilbao was an awesome experience!

Embrace life 🙂

//Marko & Jesper


Embrace the finalist!

We would like to announce that Embrace has been selected as a finalist in the II International Videogame Festival hóPLAY’11, Spain,  in the category “best design”. Of course we are thrilled and honored, and we will send one of our team members to the ceremony in Bilbao in September, where the winner s will be announced. We would also like to thank all of you who reads our blog, plays our game, and writes comments to us – we embrace you all!

To be continued – Embrace the group


Links to the II International Videogame Festival hóPLAY’11 web site and blog:



Embrace the presentation

This is our presentation of the game to the jury.

This is our idea of how to sell this product and it is not your common power point presentation.

It might contain spoilers for you looking to play your own game and giving it your own sence of being.

So with that said, here you go! all of you who might be interested in our take on game design.


Embrace teaser trailer and beta download!

A bit hang over after the big day!  The presentation went well, or should I say the story time. Hopefully we will soon have a video showing our presentation of the game, although it will be in swedish but I think you can enjoy it still.

Until then I present you with our teaser trailer and also if you wish to spoil your saga you can already now download and try out the game!!


The teaser is an in-game camera animation. So the game kind of makes the trailer by it self, all I do is prepare it. Basically all I did after making the animation was press play a dozen of times untill the game hade generated a world that looked good with my camera 😉

/Jesper Engström

Embrace the “Run DMC – It’s like that” new official video




The Nordic sun lights up my midnight crunch

Its 4 in the morning…Only a couple of days left before it is time to present the game to the jury. Its all about polish baby!

/Jesper Engström

Tree fail

Attempting to improve the tree-spawning routines, I managed to make it spawn trees in an interesting pattern. I think it’s nice, we should keep it.

It was supposed to start at the edges, not make a weird cross pattern!// Marko

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