Today man created fire!

It started of  in photoshop with an empty image, 128×128 pixels.

1st pic:  Is an 16variations of a smokeparticle I created in photoshop to be animated in Unity. The gradiant is to give an even more natural look as it animates in Unity.

2nd pic: Is the alfa-channel, also variated in the same manner to give it a nice shape in the Particle System in Unity later on.

3rd pic: Is one part out of 5 that I made in photoshop to make the fire particle. Each part sprung from the same basic filter as the smoke partical and was tweaked several times in diffrent manners to reach its final form.

4th pic: This is what the finnished fire particle lookes like.

5th pic: This is basically the same principle as with the smoke only that it does not need to have as many variations. The variations are a bit more noticable though. You can see also that they are more blurred towards the end. By the way they animate from the top left to the bottom right. The reason the last pictures are more blured are to give the fire a nice and natural fade.

6th pic: Here you see the fires alfa-channel.

7th pic: And there was fire! One particle system for them each som tweaking with numbers, colors and a script that prevents flickering between the fire and smoke particles. What the script does is to prioritize the fire to infront of the smoke so that it always is closest to the camera.

/Jesper Engström


Embrace the main character

Here’s the little guy in 3D! He’s more or less finished, only some minor tweaking left.


Embrace Robbin

Our technician has been a real super trooper. He’s been work late nights to fix my computer and he saved almost all the work I had done. Brilliant and amazing, for this you deserve a world wide hug!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

/Jesper Engström

Embrace the early footage

Hunting red pills in a procedurally generated forest is quite the thing.

// Marko

Embrace the booze

Berghs Exhibition serves free booze. We are feeling extraordinaly embraced.

Forget your drawbacks and Win here….

Win there…. Jesper & Jesper “is” bi-winning

Embrace the group

One of the reasons I choose a new direction after trying out being a quite well educated designer/craftswomen, was the lack of cooperation. I need to be embraced by the fuzzy feeling of a group, working together towards the same goal. Embrace the group, and the group will embrace you! // Malin

Embrace the Crash!

Well…when you’ve been listening to a super short loop for an hour and most certainly being on the verge of madness you really do not want a crash to be lurking around the corner. Certainly not when its not just the program but the entire computer that does so.

It seems as if the drive with all the sounds totaly lost it. This is when you need to bring forth the Zen from with in and follow theese easy steps to find tranquility:

1: Punch both screens simultaniously…in your mind

2: Take three deep breaths

3: Write an email to your technician

4: GO home, its late anyways!

5: Take a midnight shower, wash it of

6: Get the last bits all out of your system through your silly little blog

7: And last but not least, watch the new episode of south park and you will be fully restored, recovered and reborn

Make game not war…

/JahSpear (Jesper Engström)

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