Today man created fire!

It started of  in photoshop with an empty image, 128×128 pixels.

1st pic:  Is an 16variations of a smokeparticle I created in photoshop to be animated in Unity. The gradiant is to give an even more natural look as it animates in Unity.

2nd pic: Is the alfa-channel, also variated in the same manner to give it a nice shape in the Particle System in Unity later on.

3rd pic: Is one part out of 5 that I made in photoshop to make the fire particle. Each part sprung from the same basic filter as the smoke partical and was tweaked several times in diffrent manners to reach its final form.

4th pic: This is what the finnished fire particle lookes like.

5th pic: This is basically the same principle as with the smoke only that it does not need to have as many variations. The variations are a bit more noticable though. You can see also that they are more blurred towards the end. By the way they animate from the top left to the bottom right. The reason the last pictures are more blured are to give the fire a nice and natural fade.

6th pic: Here you see the fires alfa-channel.

7th pic: And there was fire! One particle system for them each som tweaking with numbers, colors and a script that prevents flickering between the fire and smoke particles. What the script does is to prioritize the fire to infront of the smoke so that it always is closest to the camera.

/Jesper Engström


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