Embrace the “Run DMC – It’s like that” new official video





The Nordic sun lights up my midnight crunch

Its 4 in the morning…Only a couple of days left before it is time to present the game to the jury. Its all about polish baby!

/Jesper Engström

Tree fail

Attempting to improve the tree-spawning routines, I managed to make it spawn trees in an interesting pattern. I think it’s nice, we should keep it.

It was supposed to start at the edges, not make a weird cross pattern!// Marko

Voice acting?!

Tonight Marko and I went in the pouring to record som voices for Embrace.

We went to my friends studio and did some voice acting, Im not sure if we should call it voice acting really.

What we did was make silly sounds to match moods of our NPC’s. It was truelly tricky and some times hilarious to try and make up sounds that express the feelings and also different styles of the NPC’s. It was a fun and all through educative experience.

Now I really need to sleep, ’cause next week is crunch week!

Embrace It

Good night

/Jesper Engström

Embrace the foliage

The landscape is now filled with foliage! This works very well in Unity. The paint foliage brush allows me to paint grass, flowers and other decorations on the terrain. The brush can be used to paint both textures and meshes and it’s easy as pie. I can also edit my grass really easily in Unity with the following options:

This is how it looks in game:



Hall of Epic Fails

Let the pictures speak for them selves…

Epic Boob face

Epic Seppuku Kid


the first QA results

The response from our first couple of focus testers have been very good.

It is indeed a great experience to see someone pick up your unfinished game and understand the controls and core thoughts without any guidance.
And they started of straight away trying out the buttons and seeing what they could do. After that came the experimenting with cause and effect so our thoughts are indeed interpreted more than we hoped for.
Also we got some great feedback on our only navigation system that is quiet unique and there for very hard for the experienced gamer to look for. But thanks to this we have a solution on how to make it clear right from the beginning without spoiling any details.

Looking forward to some more focus testers tomorrow now that we have the start and ending in place
“Embrace your self”

/Jesper Engström

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