Embrace the QA (quality assurance)

Next week we are going to bring in 5 friends to try out the game. Hopefully they will help us understand how to enhance the experience of the game and still keeping the reason and goal of the game unspoken.

I am at this moment putting together a couple of questions for the testers to fill out….

This test is mostly a functionality test and not a bug test. In this early stage we need feedback on what is good and bad within the game. In wich direction the player takes and how easy it is to graspe the gameplay.

Since the game is’nt ready from beginning till ending and all animations and sound isn’t in it yet we will bring forth a couple of survey questions to give the player free hands to express what they feel.

Because we don’t provide the player with any directions in this game it is of most importance to know how the player played, what he felt and if he could do what he expected.

/Jesper Engström


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