Build a game in 6 weeks? Build it from the middle!

A very conservative way of thinking is to kill your darlings. Of course we do concor it is just that in this game we dont kill anything we just add….

The first day we came to the conclusion that if we were to make a hole game and not just a verticle slice of some, already made boring tripple A genre type of game in 6weeks we needed to build it from the middle, making the circle around the core bigger for every week.

The core game is there from start and all we do is to build on to the experience, enhancing it for every week. We have our only two action buttons, “embrace” and “shun” and an open experience with a village in the middle surounded by woods. The first week we nailed the woods and core mechanics and have ever since just kept on building the game. Following our conceptual mindmap over the world.

/Jesper Engström


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