Embrace the presentation

This is our presentation of the game to the jury.

This is our idea of how to sell this product and it is not your common power point presentation.

It might contain spoilers for you looking to play your own game and giving it your own sence of being.

So with that said, here you go! all of you who might be interested in our take on game design.



Embrace teaser trailer and beta download!

A bit hang over after the big day!  The presentation went well, or should I say the story time. Hopefully we will soon have a video showing our presentation of the game, although it will be in swedish but I think you can enjoy it still.

Until then I present you with our teaser trailer and also if you wish to spoil your saga you can already now download and try out the game!!


The teaser is an in-game camera animation. So the game kind of makes the trailer by it self, all I do is prepare it. Basically all I did after making the animation was press play a dozen of times untill the game hade generated a world that looked good with my camera 😉

/Jesper Engström